The Cloud of Unknowing at DCU - site marker

A final note on the piece:

Jane Locke // The Cloud of Unknowing // Science building (X) at DCU

Visitors to the science building in DCU this October will find an unexpected structure on the second floor landing.  A doorway that shouldn’t be there.  Each day viewers looking through the doorway will encounter a new drawing – each new drawing a point in a narrative of a prolonged mystery. Located amongst research labs on the cutting edge of science, this durational drawing intervention is well positioned to pose questions on the gap between belief and knowledge.

This artwork has been funded by the Office of Student Life as part of their ongoing strategy of cultural development at DCU.

A site marker was added on Friday, 8th of November 2013.  The stone marker states "site of imagination".

Site marker 1 1200.jpg
Site marker 2 1200.jpg