The Cloud of Unknowing at DCU; a durational intervention at the Health and Sciences building in Dublin City University (DCU).

At approximately 11am on Thursday 10th of October 2013 a door unlike all of the others in the building appeared on the first floor landing of the Health and Sciences building.

On the first day, the door was left ajar, opening into blackness.  On the second day, and each day thereafter I drew a scene on the blackboard in the doorway.  A glimpse into a dark mirror of DCU.

Except on the fourteenth day (Wednesday, 30th of October) when the door was locked and 72 red keys were placed around campus - primarily on the doors of the teaching staff in the building.

By the 17th day the door had started to shrink, and by the 7th of November the doorway was only 1 cm tall.


This artwork has been funded by the Office of Student Life as part of their ongoing strategy of cultural development at DCU.