Previous Work [2007-2011]

The House on Flower Hill and Other Stories (2011)

As part of 'Shul' at Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda, Co. Louth and The Complex , Smithfield Plaza, Smithfield, Dublin


The Three Sisters (2010)

As part of Regaining Consciousness RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre, Tallaght, Dublin and Claremorris Open Exhibition 2010, Claremorris, Co.Mayo.

The Life and Work of Ernest Douglas (2009)

Work from the exhibition "A Seed of Truth; The Life and Work of Ernest Douglas" with Liz Gaffney at the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre, November 2009.

The exhibition centred around a book found to contain the writings and drawings of Ernest Douglas, and a wall-mounted explanation in the gallery space included details of the book's origin.

Read the exhibition text about Ernest Douglas.

The Ernest Douglas character was the product of Liz and my imaginations - however, the intention wasn't to fool the viewers but to suspend belief about the possibility of actual experiments in the field of plant and animal hybridisation. The Douglas name was specifically chosen as it has strong associations with science in Victorian era Scotland (where the book was purported to have been found). We entertained the notion that Ernest Douglas was brother of David Douglas, the famous Scottish botanist.

The Campanula androsaemum Wife (2007)

‘IADT Graduate Show’, IADT, Dublin